If you take the shit of someone. It’s because you have decided to take it !



I repeat : you have decided to take this shit !




I am Geraldine Marchal, and this is my solution for you.




Of course you can be chocked, open your eyes more and more and cry.


But it’s a fact. A terrible fact at first sight but a good fact at second.


Because if you have decided to take this shit, you can decide to let this go and give back this pain, angry, whatever it is, to the sender.


It’s the first step of the respect.


If you don’t know to respect yourself, stop to thinking that you can respect the others.


It’s totally fake, and the others cannot respect you.


Because you have a lesson to learn, and they have to give you this lesson again and again to wake up your entire person.



It’s not the Karma, it’s your choice.


So tell me in the comments if you are the team « Wake up » or the team « Victim ».


If you decide right now to be in the team wake up.


It’s time to forgive yourself. You can do this guerison excercice.


If you are part of the others, I am just sorry for you.


So let’s go for your new life reactions and relations with yourself :




First step :

  • Forgive you to take that shit, and think of the problem when you say that. With a hand on your heart,
  • Say : «I forgive me, myself and I to take the shit of someone else. »





Step 2 :

  • you have to forgive yourself to do exactly the same thing to your inner child and your soul. That’s why you are REALLY in pain. That’s why it’s hurt so hard. It’s just because you have done exactly the same to yourself and you hate you for this.


  • Say : « I forgive me and I’m asking pardon to my inner child, to hurt him and judge him exactly like this person do on me. I decide to totally respect myself, retake my voice, and I will never go back »




If you want to talk to the community about this shitty thing that you had taken.


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And If you want to tell your deeply truth, click on the link below.




But remember : if you have a voice, you are a Leader.


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