School Teacher without Diploma ?


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Everybody loves to say that the high school diploma was very hard for him, even the best students ! Just because it’s always more cool to tell a story when you have some obstacles to add.


And the truth is too simple to say unlike the mask to handle. 


Lie or adapt the truth to maintain the illusion of your entourage is the most important. So The option of the complex life to supported the others is pretty seductive.


But the truth is, I was a school teacher and I Have never had my high school diploma (unofficially) ! 




I am Geraldine Marchal, LA coach of your voice, soul and inner child and 


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My last year of high school was very hard for me.


I was tired everyday, seven or eight hours of concentration just to hear someone to speak was terrible and hard for myself. And now I know that we can have a lot of lifes and reincarnations and that I can see and remember all to work on myself and help the others with my gift to go in the anterior lifes. 


I can affirm that I understand my student person. It was too much for my soul.


So every day my eyes was red of tiredness because I had to resist to don’t close my eyes every second. 


 I was completely out of my body and with my teachers who are repeated again and again that the high school diploma is very hard to have, I was more and more reluctant and with no motivation. The only thing that I loved was the music. Play oboe, piano and singing in conservatory was my priority and my passion. 


So I’ve started to think of a strategy.


I’ve seen every students anticipate and calculate their notes, everybody was stressed and scary of this fucking diploma. And me, I was like, oh my god it’s not an option to redo this year of nightmare.


That’s Why I found a strategy, not very high for my parents if I observe my past now but notice the influence of the entourage. 


Everybody knows that there is a second option for the « bad » students like the teachers loves to call : the re-sit exam.


And all the students who are not confidence in themselves think to this option. 


That’s why I have thinking too, and decide that this re-sit exam will be my first step before the winning. 


Let’s go, Right now student Gee has a goal ! Maybe it’s not very high for you, but for me it was a huge goal when I was seeing my low notes in the principals courses. 


Everyday I was thinking to this step, I was talking of this step, I was seeing me in this re-sit exam. And thanks to that I was totally confident. 


And guess what ?! I have stepped and it worked !!! 




I was really alleviated and happy, but a little stressed when I was thinking to the last big step.


 I was taken just in time, so I had a lot of points to restore. 


Thankfully, two friends of mine decide to help me, I have just one week to learn all the programm of mathematics and physics. So it is very easy when you haven’t followed this year, isn’t it ? 


My brain was boiled oh my god I can’t retake a one year session in this high school !! So what can I dooo, My Brain doesn’t want understand those theorems or formulas because he doesn’t see the interest of that. 


Bref, enough to try and push me hard for nothing. I have to watch sexy dance 1 and 2, pray and think. And in front of sexy dance, I have decided to say and believe that I had already my diploma. It’s acted ! 


And the Big day is arrived. I was terrified, totally scared. I was thinking to this hard year for me. And encourage me a lot to go through this last big step. 


It’s time, last judgement for me and after I will be free for life of this diploma. 


Let’s go, I am in front of this teacher totally gagged of my answers. But I continue to encourage myself and give me love. A lot of love. First test, second test pff yes, it’s done !! I Have this feeling inside of me that Maybe I have did better than before . So I trust in God, and I wait the final answer. 


And that Happened !!! Like an Angel, a guy with a tie comes to me, and said « Geraldine Marchal ? »


Yes ? 


« You have done worse than your first results, but I have seen that you was born in Haiti and that reminded me this beautiful memories with my wife when we were helped Haitian Kids. So I decided to take my buffer and give you your high school diploma » 


I was like : Chocked !!! Totally !!! It’s real ? Please break me a leg !! 




I answer to this man : Really ? Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because I want to go to the music school and not in the mathematic or physic games. So thank you, you save my life. 






The man said : I know, so enjoy your life and bravo. 




End of my high school diploma story. 




A few years ago, when I was a music teacher at school, an old student of mine wrote to me and told me that she was in the same spiral as me when I was student. 


So I decided to give her all my secrets and discoveries on this power of my voice intentions and she did it In ONE SHOT !! And then after she was taken in a high private school of her dreams !




Please when you want to have a vision of all your past and take a step back. 


Don’t relived it again and again, just observe, like someone commenting on the Olympics


When I take a step back, I can notice that : the next time I’ll have a step, I’ll be more confident in me to win.


 I will be able to do a bigger step in one shot thanks to this experience which gives me more revelation and comprehension on my own power of my voice intention




And even if everybody thinks that it’s dead for you. There is ALWAYS a beautiful and tailor solution for you, if you ask help. 


I will thank you my past for this lesson.



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And remember, if you have the best intentions for yourself, and if you hear and follow your own voice, you can be a Leader in every areas of your life !