16. March 2022
School Teacher without Diploma ?
Everybody loves to say that the high school diploma was very hard for him, even the best students ! Just because it’s always more cool to tell a story when you have some obstacles to add. But the truth is, I was a school teacher and I Have never had my high school diploma (Unofficially) !
Leaders · 08. March 2022
How To Say NO (Healthy Boundaries)
If you are feeling limited to put your limits. It’s because you are afraid of something. And this things is like the death for you. But what type of death ? Death of your denial ? Death of your mask and filter ? Death of your fake relation with the others and yourself ? When you say yes, when you mean no, you are the extra of your life !! I am Geraldine Marchal, and this is my solution for you : So wake up guy, it’s time to die. If you don’t want that your body and your brain scream stop...
Leaders · 07. March 2022
If you take the shit of someone. It’s because you have decided to take it ! I repeat : you have decided to take this shit ! I am Geraldine Marchal, and this is my solution for you. Of course you can be chocked, open your eyes more and more and cry. But it’s a fact. A terrible fact at first sight but a good fact at second. Because if you have decided to take this shit, you can decide to let this go and give back this pain, angry, whatever it is, to the sender. It’s the first step of the...
Leaders · 05. March 2022
How to be a Leader without finding my voice - The Story of George (Amnesia is the Key)
George is a very High person. He has a big career, a big personality, lot of friends, and a beautiful life and two childrens. Everything seems perfect, everything seems good in his life, but he doesn’t know why, inside of him there is sadness which is growing.
07. January 2022
Breathing for Singing : Finding your true voice
21. November 2021
Peinture sur crasse
Sache que l’acceptation et la compréhension de ce qui t’arrive est la clé de la porte qui te fera passer au niveau supérieur.
06. June 2020
« La proprioception ou sensibilité profonde désigne la perception, consciente ou non, de la position des différentes parties du corps » Wikipédia Quand on fait du sport, ce sont les muscles qui prennent le dessus, ce sont eux qui commandent. Mais lorsque l’on chante, ce sont les os qui doivent apprendre aux muscles à se réorganiser. Voilà toute la complexité de la chose Tu as l’impression de stagner ? Tu ne réussis plus à avancer malgré le fait que tu travailles régulièrement...
25. April 2020
LES MYTHES DU CHANTEUR : Entre soutien naturel et respiration mon cœur balance. « Si tu sais bien respirer, tu sauras forcément bien chanter » Aaaaaaah bon ! Mais je ne comprends pas, ça veut dire qu'au quotidien je respire mal ? Pourtant j'ai pas l'impression de m'étouffer quand je te parle ! Mais ça veut dire que les musiciens pros qui ne savent pas chanter respirent mal du coup ? Allez je vous rassure, on respire naturellement bien et parfois le fait de se mettre à vouloir...