Breathing for Singing : Finding your true voice


Between natural support and breathing my heart swings.

« If you know how to breathe well, you will know how to sing well »

Aaaaaaah good! But I don't understand, does that mean that I breathe badly every day? Yet I don't feel like I'm choking when I talk to you!

But does that mean that professional musicians who can't sing breathe badly?

I reassure you, we breathe naturally well and sometimes the fact of wanting to become aware of the functioning of our breathing confuses us and makes us believe that we "never knew how to breathe correctly" or as we were told "you breathe backwards".


Singing is about trusting yourself. It's about learning to accept yourself as you are so you can move forward with what you have.

And the natural support, I reassure you, you have it!


So how do you feel it?

Easy: You put one hand under your sternum (on the top of your belly) and one hand on the bottom of your belly and you cough (and there you cough on the screen of your computer, not cool for him but it is for the good cause)

You will feel that the top of your belly goes out while the bottom of your belly goes in like a kind of small scale.

Little tip :


   - You can have fun changing hands (put your left hand on top of your belly if it was on the bottom and vice     versa), I'm sure there is a position where you will be more comfortable. So by having fun changing hands regularly, you'll get your body used to being comfortable in both positions, and that's important for your body's balance.


Now instead of coughing, have fun making onomatopoeia (Ah! Oh! Hey!) several times in a row, do it without stopping. What do you notice?

That you don't even need to catch your breath in between, it happens naturally! Youhouuuu. :)

Little tip :


   - Change hands quickly at each onomatopoeia, not easy eh



Once you've got a good feel for the mechanism, you just have to apply it on a little bit of song, then on a whole song!

And there you go, you know how to support and breathe (even if in reality you already knew it hehe)

So reassured ?:)

Of course, you have to develop more things, your resistance, the air flow, your sensations etc if you want to go further vocally.

Don't hesitate to write me a little comment if you liked this article or if you have any questions.

I put you below the video of the singer who manages her support and her breathing perfectly.