How to save my life without burning my family ?


  • Do you want to be a leader without the weight of the responsability ?


  • Do you want to feel cool and funny without losing your liberty ?


  • Do you want to save your virginity and ask to your soul if she’s pretty ? It’s time for you to be greedy. Make your life your royalty and be THE unique human.



In the next lines you will discover how to feel free to be yourself and never feel your weakness in the bad way.



Otherwise, don’t read this page if you never had the feeling to be lonely.




The problem that you have is : your fears and your culpability.




You are completly tired because you have no time for yourself.


You have the feeling to lose your mind, your free will and your control even if you try to be better than you actually are.




Because it’s not enough to be rich or to have an empowerment status.


It’s not enough to affirm that you want to change, even if the power of your words is real.


It’s not enough to forgive yourself without understanding who you really are and what you really feel.


It’s not enough to talk about your pain hours and hours.


It’s not enough to pay someone who can connect and speak with your defunct mother.


It’s not enough to put a fake good vision on your « new » personnality.


It’s not enough to create a family, have kids and organize some diners with old friends, to have the impression to be in the good place, to be unique and to feel loved and complete.




No no don’t quit this page.


Enough to lie.



You and me, we know that it’s just the visible part of the iceberg.


And like you I’m really concerned because at this time you are totally lost with yourself.


Your heart is beating and you’re asking if you have really chosen something in your life.


You are more and more conscient of your fake character.


Your smile is a knife and your truth is a mask.


When you go to your home, your makeup is on the table.


And in the mirror, there is an unforgettable other person who pretends he is the real you.


And if you are a little brave comes the moment where you feel like a black fly in a big spider web.



Are you really happy ?


Because if you would like to cut yourself in several parts you don’t have cut enough.


How do you sleep when your entiere body is crying ?


How do you walk when your mother and your father can be a part of your sickness ?


You can’t.


It’s frustrating, painful, because you are secretly totally bruised, and the word is weak.


That’s awful because right now you can’t close your eyes on your fucking dark reallity because if you tried to close your eyes you will see exactly what I mean.


And I would like to add something : please remember this friend who likes to give you some advice.

Are these advices are good for you or for him ?


Because when you say yes, when you mean no you are the extra of your life.


Everyday you have to be aware to not destroy your image, because lots of people count on you.

Maybe a lot of people admire you and expect a lot of responsability from you, a lot of energy.


And it’s never enough because you know that you can be better, and you have to be better because their dreams depend of you.


And what about your society and your family ? Because this children have to be proud of you to give you the love that you need to exist.


It’s all over. No I’m kidding.


Think about your wealth. If you think that it’s not in danger you’re wrong.


Because everyday your soul, your body and your inner child are not agree with you.




And one day, they will notice you with a big problem like cancer, breathing problems, legs accident, subit death or drug and alcohol submission.




Right Now, you’re asking the good question :

  • Do I deserve a solution ?
  • Do I suffer enough to be eligible for the solution ?
  • Or maybe I can stay like.. 5 years in my shit ?



The answer is yes, you can still stay if you like your bad patterns and you have already chosen a good sick.



But if you don’t have already chosen a sick, you can be the VIP of the solution.




You’re asking if there is a real solution who can delete all your problems.



I reassure you, I was asking the same when I lose my voice and my entire world a few years ago.


I was thinking I was high but my soul and the Universe decided to show me my hard truth.


And I can assure you that you don’t want to lose everything.


You’re not ready for this and your family and your society neither.




But there is one solution who can really deliver you and give you access to your inner peace.




This solution gives you the time to rest in peace with yourself.


The time to really think about :

  • what you want
  • what you deserve
  • what you feel
  • what you want to receive in your life
  • what you really want to give to the world
  • what is your real truth to really rethink to your society’s foundation. Because if they are build in your old you, I can assure you that the foundation are not safe.


With this solution you can give the most beautiful footage of yourself.


The most beautiful memories of yourself : the real image of a person who loves unconditionally himself.


The mother, the father, the brother, the sister, who loves so deeply himself that he can give and represent more than the limited person that he was before.




This solution gives you the changement of your life.


It’s time for you to learn what the word changement means.


What a life without fears mean.


What an healthy life with yourself means.


What the word liberty and free will mean.


And to discover what is the real feelings of a leader who can impact with his real voice.




With this solution, your energy will be huge, beautiful, amazing, and will give a lot of benefits to your family and the entire world.


Because if you are in constant positive changing you will impact positively and powerfully the entire world.




Your intuition will grow up.


Your person will be fascinating, even for your children, just because you will be this person who can really listen, really see, really put some limits, really say yes or no because it’s good for himself, really take vacation because he wants it.


Really listen to his emotions, and don’t take the shit of someone else.


Really take all his responsability and really help someone else, without let his personal beliefs take the head of the conversation.




It’s time for you to be the Leader of your own life.


It’s time for you to be this unique person who is really concerned about himself and the others.


It’s time for you to be this unique person who will be able to give a perfect advice to his children or his friends, his employees, his fans, or even an old man lost in the street, with his soul and without to be guided by his own feels and fake beliefs,


Just because he has taken the solution who gives him the chance to be lovely with himself everyday in his life, no matter the situation can be.




But why you ?


Why do you have this chance today to keep this solution ?


Why do you have this chance to see this amazing page which gives you tailored results just for you and for nobody else ?


Because inside of you, you have already feeling an urgency to change your life.


And we know that you are tired to search and hope again and again something which is better for you.


That’s why you’ve got this chance to see this page.


Because this page is the final point to your suffering.




This Coaching de La vérité is the beginning of your truth.



The content of this fire coaching is simple, direct, powerful and effortlessness


Your job : take the decision right now to click on the link.


Thanks to your best decision you’ve got the access to :


  • Your freedom and the reason to feel really important and loved in your own life
  • A real process to always understand and evitate the illness.
  • A new approach to the Riches
  • A new Leader’s voice
  • New unknown keys to help and elevate your children and to be a real guide to your relatives and family
  • The definitive liberation of your patterns, fake beliefs, relations problems
  • The beginning of your true story with your entire person in every areas of your life
  • The courage to put your limits without feeling stressed or guilty
  • New informations for your business that nobody could have but you.
  • The activation of the manifestation of what you really want in your life
  • The real liberty on every plans
  • A new life with new responsabilities that you really love
  • A lot of time for Yourself
  • How the rest can bring you more than you expect

The others coaches

and empowered methods

Coaching de la vérité

With Geraldine Marchal

Create and give tailored methods

which are working on yourself

Give and retake methods

which are working on them


Change your life in less than 30


Clean the paint on dirt and find

the seed of all your problems

Know the difference between

symptoms and first seed of the


Change your bad vibrations for

the life

Change your voice (physical

& way) to become the Leader of

your dreams in every areas

in your life

Give you a lot of tailored vocal,

mental and body technics

to Lead your emotions,

intentions, changements,

wants, authority and more

Give you Keys of freedom,

free will, liberty

and real connection at your own

Learn naturally how to put some

limits effortlessness

and really aligned

with yourself

Give you a new other position

to help and really understand

your husband, wife, children,

and relatives without

to had others complications

and inappropriated technics

Learn how to respect yourself and

accept the past and your real deep

emotions without add paint on dirt

Give you the secrets to activate

the manifestation effortlessness

and what you want and deserve

in your new life

Offer you a real reunion and conscient

connection with your pure Essence

that you can use in your daily life

and your business


Give you new unknown keys for

your business


Are implicated because they have

to prove something at themselves


Are implicated because it gives

you the best reason to change,

work on yourself,

be autonom and totally

free of control


Are divinely connected and invested

to give you the best advices and

experience of your entire life and help

your soul to find the real seed which is

bloqued you in a middle or fake reality

with all your entourage and yourself


Are really able to put and maintain you

for the rest of your life in a high

level and more

Give a voice to your real truth and

not intermediate or other truth


Give you a voice to sing, speak

and send your idea, and unique melodies

on the world


Give a voice to Leaders who want

to give a new big impact on the world

and a new direction for their family,

their entourage, the audience and more

Give you a lot of time for yourself without

culpability and to have more love

to give and receive even if you are



Give you big new and beautiful results,

vision and goals for all your areas in your life

(abundance, riches, family, relationship,

connection, business, stability health

and more)

totally adapted and tailored for you



Give you a new real reason to live and wake up

at the morning everyday of your life, because

you can really take and love

your new responsibilities

All what you secretly want in your

life effortlessness !!! (For real)


Give you the real keys for

heal and understand the illness

(little or big, long or short, whatever)

Time to change

10 years

4 days


It’s only 100 000 $


Why it’s not higher (for the moment) ?


- Because after it will be very very very higher but for me your changement is more priceless that the price itself


  • Because I choose the option to give you the chance to change easily and quickly.
  • Because nobody knows this method, nobody can have this solution but you, and I am really concerned that you accept my hand to go through.
  • Because I want that you deeply love yourself this time.
  • Because I know that you’ll click on this button and be very proud of yourself, it’s the start of something really new, and your soul knows this.



You have just three steps :


  1. Click on the link
  2. Send me abundance (that will return you quickly and more after the coaching de la vérité)
  3. Receive the mail with the validation of your gift for yourself, the informations and explications, about the four days with me and more : together we will choose the best dates for you


BONUS Number 1 : value $10 000


Have a trip in your anteriors lifes




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Be the Leader who breaks the chain and free your transgeneration (no matter where you come from)




BONUS Number 3 : value $22 000


Receive my unique formation to know how to hook your voice and have a bigger impact on your world




BONUS Number 4 : value $5000


30 min of call between your children and me (if you want) to gives them some tips and advice for their following life




BONUS Number 5 : value $15 000


A VIP Place In my CoachingMarchal Club




BONUS Number 6 : value $50 000


Tailored advice on your business to receive more than you expect




BONUS Number 7 : value $12 000


Four days of coaching de la vérité All inclusive (transports, hôtel, restaurant, and more surprises )




BONUS Number 8 : value $50 000


Energy healing and divine respons to your life question




BONUS Number 9 : value $25 000


Give to myself all your fears and addictions and I will help you to totally make them disappear (they’ll never go back)




BONUS Number 10 : value $100 000


I will give you and explicate you how to use the forgive and never be in pain (a long time) because of someone




BONUS Number 11 : value $50 000


Together we’ll realize a powerful and aligned wish list which will realize for sure.









If you don’t change after your first 24 hours with me, I will return all your money and you can keep the hook the voice formation.







Why can I save my life with this coaching de la vérité ?


It’s a coaching which creates a new connection between you and the universe. It’s a coaching that gives you the keys of your truth.


It’s a coaching which gives you the keys to heal the world with you truth light and your real voice.


It’s a coaching which saves your life and the life of the others person just because you have decided to retake your power of someone else’s hands and really deeply heal yourself with LA Coach




What is the location of this coaching de la vérité ?


This is a tailored location just for you which depends of your vibes and needs of truth. After your paiement, I will keep an out of time location adjusted for your big changement




How can I assume to take a coaching with you ?


You can do what you want, and think what you want. But it’s time to accept yourself, right now, and stop to justify to want to be, no matter the fonction you have.


No matter the impact on the society you are.


And the last day of your coaching will help you to present the new you to your family and the world.


You have just one thing to do : invest and believe in yourself




You want to be in tune, but are you in tune with yourself ?


It’s time to align your heart, your soul, your spirit and your inner child for life to your divine mission on this earth.