How To Say NO (Healthy Boundaries)


If you are feeling limited to put your limits. It’s because you are afraid of something.



And this things is like the death for you.


But what type of death ?


Death of your denial ? Death of your mask and filter ? Death of your fake relation with the others and yourself ?


When you say yes, when you mean no, you are the extra of your life !!




I am Geraldine Marchal, and this is my solution for you :




So wake up guy, it’s time to die.



If you don’t want that your body and your brain scream stop in the wrong moment. Die right now. Keep going.

Let your mask and connect to your real emotions.


I know it’s hurt and you are in pain.


But if you face the sorrow, you will see the light just behind.



If you face the obscurity, and accept that you are scared to put your limits because you don’t want to lose your world that you have built with details.


I can reassure you, it’s not your finally world. You can let it go !



It’s time to be the first role in your life and retake your power, because you and me know that you don’t want to be stress and in bad all your life.



Take your courage, and take the big decision in your life with me :



Every day, decide to put a new limit.



By example :


  • today I will say no to my parents because I don’t like this type job and I want to chose something more aligned with me.


  • Or today I will say no to my girlfriend or boyfriend, because I want to stay with myself because I don’t want to go at this party with this old friend. I want to be aligned with me and I don’t feeling okay with this type of vibes, I love you and thank you to respect my new limits.


  • Or say to your best friend : sorry I don’t want to give you some money to buy this shit, because it’s not aligned with me to kill and push you in your pain. I think you have to face your fears, really deeply forgive yourself to take this and hurt yourself and start to love you.


  • Or say to this old friend : I understand that you are angry, but I don’t want to be angry like you just to support yourself in this bad emotion. It’s not good for you and for me. Understand why you are in pain, why you hate yourself and let it die, let it go.




No matter What type of limits you have to put today. But do it, just one limit every day.



It’s the start of your inner peace.

And you are worthy to be in peace.


Retake your power let in someone else’s hand. It’s an other step to finding your voice. After this changement, sing a song or say something with assurance and tell me how is your voice !!




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And remember : if you have a voice, you are a Leader !