How to be a Leader without finding my voice - The Story of George (Amnesia is the Key)


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« It’s time to Hook.


George is a very High person.


He has a big career, a big personality, lot of friends,


and a beautiful life and two childrens.


Everything seems perfect,


everything seems good in his life,


but he doesn’t know why, inside of him there is sadness which is growing.



Days after day, night after night his smile was hesitant but George had to smile because his friend and his family describing him like a smiling person.



He has no time for him, he has no time to enjoy his money, he has no time to go in vacation with his family. He has just the time to work, work, work.


But is that the rôle of the father ?

After all, his children had everything, and it was his dream when he was a child, and his mother had nothing to pay just the eat everyday.



His work was his fierce and he was very very proud of his ascension,


so of course he was thinking that he’s a good father,


because for him, a father has to do a lot of sacrifice for his family.


A father… he would have liked to have one.



But it was the past and he woudn’t like to rethink about this evenement.


This dark day, where his life was changing.


And the smile of his mother was dissapeared for always.



Bref, it’s not the time to complain on himself


because rightnow he has a rendez-vous with his team, for the development of his society.




This society was his third child for him, and the value of this child costed more than 22 millions of dollars.



Tonight, it’s the B-day because for the ten years of his society he has decided to create a new pole.


With this new creation he could be a better man,


a better father and the best connection society concerning the relationship,


a new area is coming and maybe after this innovation,


His wife and his children would understand how much he was a loving man.


But who cares about the emotion ?



While it’s not proving his real changement,


his real new value,


because he had promise to change,


and George is a Word Man,


and he would like to prove that his word are valuable.



« O god, what time is it ? I don’t want to be late for my redemption, my golden ticket !


Quick quick, where is my tie ? My glasses ? My rolex ? Oh my god ! My pant !



Let’s go, good bye darling, goodbye the childrens,



Look at me please, because in a few hours you’ll be having another man, another husband, and an other father, an other father ! Are you happy ?


Kids !


Say I love you to your father kiss 😘😘 »



On the road, there is a lot of rain.


It’s a stormy weather,


but George has to drive quickly.


So george push on the acceleration pedal, and … Silence



A fox in the road. 🦊

He had to turn suddenly the wheel but the road is too wet,


so the car is now out of control.


George and the car are falling on the creek.


Dring dring dring, the phone is calling :


Annie, his wife takes the phone,


Awh, it’s weird, I don’t this number.



Maybe it’s an employee of george,


who wants to do a joke, it’s type of the house.



- Allo ? Is this Mrs Smith ?


- Yeah it’s me, Is there a problem ?


- I don’t know how to told you but it’s the doctor Wealth.



Your Husband is in the hospital : he has done an accident with his car,
and right now he’s in the operation room


- Oh my god ! Anny’s crying.


She takes the keys, the children and goes to the hospital.



[One Week After..]



George's thinking :


« Who Am I ?


I Don’t know who I am ?


Who are these people around me ?


Why are they talking too loud ?
Why this woman is crying just next to me ? And who is George ?


It looks like.. scary...


Why they’re looking at me ?


The doctor told me that my name is George, but who is George ? I don’t remember.


I’m feeling like a stranger in a roombody.


Maybe it’s a nightmare. Maybe i will wake up, but my eyes are open. So I think it’s real. Someone told me that my wife and my children are coming, but I don’t remember them. They told me that I’m a father, but what is a father ?


I understand that I know how to speak..


Apparently, I know how to write and how to read, but I don’t really understand the sens of what I listen.


The man with the White Clothes talks about the rupture.


Okay, I don’t give a shit. I just want to sleep.


And this woman is always crying.


Oh god, she’s coming here.. »



- George it’s me Anny, are you hungry ? Take this, it’s pork jaret, your first one.


Georges takes the pork jarret, eat a little and grumbling :


- .. buuuh it’s awful I don’t like it


Annie Looks the face of George with a lot of sadness, where is her husband ?


- Doctor, he doesn’t like it. I’m very afraid it was very a sure value


- Ohh don’t worry miss, sometimes it happens when the amnesia is present but don’t worry, take him at home and remember all the memories you had and his memory will coming I think after 4-5 days.


So the family Smith is coming at home.


On the road there is a big silence.


Nobody’s talking, the atmosphere is cold and heavy.


Everybody’s thinking what’s the next step, and what the future looks like.



« Home sweet home,


it’s like that it says, what is this place ?


I don’t recognize. It’s my place ? It’s my room ?
and the wife who is crying is my wife.


I have Two Children : Nathan and Ella. And a shitty dog. What is this place ? I don’t feel this cosy or sweet or cool. Really ! This is my home ? God..


It is very disgusting. The walls are blue, blue for the walls : it’s very weird. I don’t like this color.


My head is like a big ball but it doesn’t have a stop button.


I have the impression that it is growing again and again. Everybody looks at me in a weird way.


Oh my god, they called me father ? But what is a father ? What is my function, in this family ? What am i suppose to do ?


My supposed wife takes my hand to show me our room.


Really ?! I have to sleep with this stranger ? Oh I hope that she’s not crying all night, because my head is very big.


But who cares ? They want all remember to me who I am, what I like, what I love, what I have the habits to do,


they’re talking, but please, where is the stop button ? Where is the silence button ?


Can I return to the hospital please ?


They told me that I was a cool person, who is smiling a lot. .. Mmm.. before the accident I was suppose to present a new creation.



All the food that I liked is completly disgusting. I have the feeling that i disappointed all those persons.


And the worse, I’m feeling nothing.



I just want to leave this place which is not the reflection of what I have the impression to be.


I don’t know what is a father, I don’t have a good feeling with my supposed wife, and this home is awful. Please I just want to leave this place, and discover who I really am. They talk about the past, they hope that the old George will be come, but this George is living only in their eyes, but not in my head. And I don’t want to be this George. I don’t even like this name. So it’s decided. I have to leave this place. »



George, exactly like his father, Fourty years before,


tooks his car and leaves his home not really sweet home.


He doesn’t know what he’s doing,
but oftenly he remembers that he wanted to visit the Nebraska and Harry’s name sounds pretty good to him.


He didn’t want to be a father even if these two children look like pretty calm, but this wife .. !


She’s asking so much things that he can’t give


this connection society, these old friends was scary, really ? They are friends ?


For him, it was not possible,
and the nightmare has to stop right now.


This life was a big joke
and the life has decided to give him a second chance,
that he decided to take right now.


"Call me Harry !


Harry Repper, it sounds good no ? I like it !


It’s time for me to discover what I really like, and who I really am.


It’s time to take a new start with 0 repair. "


It’s like a new birth, and for the first time, since his operation, it sound very very good for him.


Annie and the children Nathan and Ella are waking up.
Someone is missing..
The nightmare will be continued.


Nathan says : is he going ?


Ella : do you think dad is leaving home, mom ?


Annie doesn’t answer because she remembers the story of George.


She remembers that the father of George fourty years ago,
had left their home


He had chosen to let his family, to let his wife.


And George’s father, without some money, without a word,
tooks the car and never returned at home.


Twenty years after this terrible day,
a friend of George’s father had met him in the street, with a new woman and two childs.
It was a chock.


And she had the feeling that it was her turn.


Why her ? She tried to be so perfect every day of her life.
She was the perfect wife, the perfect woman, she organizes simple dinners with her family every sunday.


Like the perfect catholic woman she had decided to stay at home to take care of her children.
Everything seemed like so perfect.


Why her ?








Are you thinking that this tragedy could be avoid ?


Are you thinking that Nathan and Ella could still have a father ?


Are you thinking that the fake perfect life of Annie could have continued ?


And you, did you notice which points were repeated ?


It’s time to analyse this true story


In our life, we have 3 principle Hooks,
which drive our entire life.


If we are able to find these hooks, we can change and avoid the dramatic fatality like the accident of George, or the sad surprise of Annie.


But how can we be sure to avoid all this stuff ?


Let’s go ! Together we’re gonna analyse this true story.


I decided to call the Hook « the habbits, pattern or reactions that a person can have again and again against himself »



So take 2 seconds to remember the story, and tell me in comments what is the first hook of George.


Did you find it ?


The first Hook is : oblivion



If you remember correctly the story, George wanted to forget all the time the moment when his father had left the home.


He wants to forget that he’s totally unhappy in this fake perfection.


He forgets to take time for himself


He wants to forget how to be a good father and a present husband,
and falls in the work option.


In sumup, this man forgot himself every second of his life.


And his first conscious reason was because a man Has to be perfect for his children and his wife.


A man has to be presents days and night for his family. But where is your presence George ? I don’t see you ! Oh excuse me, you are working again !


But the memories with your family can’t be built like this, I’ m sorry for you man.


But if you want to forget your dream about your way of life, I think that Oblivion is the best option. Don’t you ?


Maaan wake up, you go through your family and past stay with the past…



About the second Hook :



Did you noticed the second repeating points ? It’s the denial


I remember when George didn’t want to see his all bullshit life.


The work is his best reason to do and see nothing.


Sad reality, poor man. Without a real direction about his actions, with just one goal : don’t feel his fucking pain of his miserable perfect unperfect life.


Don’t you remember when he thinks that his changement really depends of his new pole of the connection society. Really man ?!


You and I really know that it can only depends of your determination to work on yourself, to accept to say and really open your eyes on the sad truth.


But notice that his wife is in denial too.
So they are together supporting each other and giving some perfect shit time after time, kiss after kiss, fake smile after fake moves.


And what is the reason of all this : they chose the denial in front of the face of the reality.





Third Hook :


Georges refuses to Live.
He refuses all the good thinks in his life.
He refuses to take some good times with his wife
He refuses to bring his family in holidays
He completely refuses to change and prefers to hide him behind this perfect excuse : He’s a man ! And in his expectation, a man have to work work work and work for his family. Then after he can be proud and work harder to seems like a better man and father.
Oh… pooor George, he refuses to feel his deep emotions.
In clear, he just refuses the acces of himself.








It’s terrible but you have the opportunity to change and you refuse to take this chance.


Everyday, you refuse again and again and go to the accident with assurance.


But between us we know that the death was just behind.


Victoriously George decides to leave this hell, but only after to be next to the death itself. Death who would like to avoid because she was the best friend of his father.


But the joke of all, is : George doesn’t even remember. He doesn’t want to do this.


He thinks he has chosen an other option.


But together, you and me can notice that one hook is coming over and over again : the Oblivion.


How many times to re do the others hooks and meet the death ?


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So remember : Find your hooks to Find your voice, change your hook to retake your voice because


If you have a voice, you are a Leader in every areas of your life.


If you have a voice, you can be sure that you have all your powers in your own hands.


If you have a voice, you can be a superstar. »


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