Last Chance Coaching


You and I have the mission to totally change your life and the perception you have on yourself in only one session.



That sounds crazy for you ?


I know because it is !

And that’s the crazy experience that you will come to live !!



You want to know you more deeply ?



You’re looking for a safe environment to really discover yourself and accept your fears, your obscure face, your pattern, your fake belief and totally clean the bad intentions that people put on yourself without your validation ?



Your are in the good place !




This transformational coaching is for you if :


  • You are wearing a big weight every day and you don’t know how to let it go definitely
  • You don’t know how to put your limits and want that your entourage respect you more
  • Sometimes you are ashamed of what you’ve done but you did it, it’s out of your control
  • You want to emancipate from the patterns and fake beliefs of your parents
  • You are dreaming to live in a better world
  • You are looking for a better place for your children & the next generation
  • You have already taken a step back into your life and you know that you deserve more that you have
  • You have some goals that you want to succeed 💪
  • You are not afraid to take a decision to change your life and live better than ever
  • You are curious to know what you’re able to do when you are aligned with your soul, your inner child, your body, your mind and your spirit
  • You want to grow your business 💰
  • You don’t know why you can’t go through your past and you are aware that it is getting worse and worse day by day
  • You are in pain and you don’t know where to go and what to do to go though this.
  • You really want to know and discover who you are.




The price of this coaching is : $12 000 for one session and $22 000 for two sessions.




Why these prices are low ?



They are low for the moment because I want to give you a big chance to take the best decision in your life without the price issue.



But in several days, it can be very very very more expansive, because you and I know the real price of your transformation and new direction life that you can take in only one session with me.



It’s priceless, and you can’t let it go, you have to think to your pain which is growing every day and which is terrible worse every day.

And even if you don’t want to do the same think that your father or your mother.

Even if you are thinking every day that you’ll be probably better or different than us, you and me know that it’s totally impossible.


  • You can break the family chains, beliefs, patterns with your own want.
  • You need more, and your Heart knows this. And if you already had a coaching and your soul leads you here, you and me know that your coaching wasn’t suffisant and you need more, and really tailor.
  • You need someone who’s able to find the seed of all your problems, and thanks to my discover, my experience, my story, my comprehension, I have found the only method on this Earth to do this.


And I can affirm you : nobody has found my discovery.

That’s why you needed to call and recall again and again different specialists for the same issues.



But I reassure you, time of the paint on dirt is finish.



The Time when people around give you some advice which doesn’t work at all, or which is hide your pain during few months or years.


And after, one day you’ll discover that it’s always here, and it’s worse, like a big accident of car, or some anxiety attack which comes again and again, or some migraines. You try to keep the smile, and say that it’s « nothing » or that « can happen you were probably not enough concentrate » but it’s totally fake.


The real problem is that today, you will found the solution of your problem and will decide to do nothing because you don’t love yourself.


You hate yourself so much that you want to punish and beat you one more time and don't take the solution that I’ll give you on tray, that’s why your body will decide to vibrate very low to show you his misunderstood and it will begin the next of your worse nightmare.





But I reassure you, right now, I am here for you. And I know that you’re dreaming to respect yourself, to love yourself more and to totally change your life and achieve all your goals in your life.


I know that you trust in you enough to click on this button and save your entire person to aligned with your pure Essence.


I know that you need this coaching and I decided to help you to do this first beautiful step to you.


  1. Click on this button
  2. Give you all the abundance that you deserve right now because you deeply know that I will give you more because I’m really concerned about your person
  3. Receive the mail of confirmation and choose a date for your Last Chance Coaching with me.




I waiting for you, but not too longer,


Take care of yourself, you are worthy to be abundant, free, Happy and more every day of your life, and it’s begin right now.