My name is Géraldine Marchal and I am a French expert in vocal and mental power.


After having several teachers and vocal coaches who applied vocal methods and techniques without really taking into account my feelings and my physiology, my voice broke, literally.


The sound didn't come out anymore, I wasn't able to sing without distortion, even speaking wasn't pleasant anymore.


This led me to see many voice specialists.


One day, I had the chance to meet a vocal coach who put my voice back in place and transmitted a lot of positive things.


Coaching was therefore an obvious choice for me in order to be able to pass on and make sure that no other singer would have to go through this.


So I continued to train with her as well as through numerous trainings, books, voice and mental specialists (speech therapists, phoniatrists, coaches, teachers, specialists). So that the people who call upon me can obtain a durable transformation both vocally and internally.


With my experience, I had the opportunity to help recruit for the castings of the American Idol, to coach artists for the castings of The Lion King, The Voice, Incroyables Talents, to work on the development of musical TV shows.



I have discovered and assimilated many methods, vocal, body and mental techniques such as CVT, MST, Chant Voix et Corps, TVS, Vocal Learning System, Estill, feldenkreiss, EFT, NLP, in addition to my professional experience as an instrumentalist (15 years of studies at the conservatory in oboe and piano).

All of this led me to create the CoachingMarchal method, a custom-made and innovative method that fully adapts to your needs in order to unlock your power and accomplish your dreams!