How can I be my voice ?




  • Are you everything ?
  • Did you gave you everything ?



Be honest, it’s just between you and me.


You don’t think so ?


Right, don’t worry, I agree with you.


That’s why you came here, and it’s a good thing for your life and your voice which is very middle for your pretending.




I understand you sooo much !

I was a music school teacher, a few years ago and I didn’t like my life. It was awful, my voice was totally broken, I was feeling almost dead inside of me just because I wasn’t on the right way for me.

It wasn’t my true voice and nobody could help me.


I was alone, misunderstood, and totally disconnecting to me myself and I.


And my voice, oh god, this precious voice had decided to litteraly stop to support me.


That’s what I mean when I say « I understand you » because I lived the worse with my voice. Really.


And if you’re here on this page, it’s because you don’t want to live the same or you are living the same and I’m really sorry but not sorry for you because the destin is very good at this point.


I am Geraldine Marchal, LA coach and this is my tailored solution for you :






Are you tired ? Is your voice tired but strong enough to will be continued ?




Every day, you are looking this new girl or guy on tiktok, YouTube or Instagram who has the real strong powerful and touching voice that you’re dreaming and seems to have this big chance to be paid to realize his dreams.


Every day you will try this song which touches your heart so much but it doesn’t sound as the melody that you’ve got in your mind.

And day after day, months after months, you’re asking yourself if you have a real talent for singing. And you are in a very good position to asking that to you right now.


You’ve try to vocalize, again and again.


It looks like good for the others… why don’t you ?


Check and control, your diaphragm !


Open and hold your ribs !


Do the witch or duck sound !


Think to your attitude and your interpretation !


Hold and control your breath !


Maintain your support !


Imitate Ariana grande, withney Houston or the singer that you love so much, and Imagine that it’s you !


Work work work work work your vocalizes and your voice every day… A lot !


You have to practice a lot !


After 10 years you’ll be a great singer !


Open your mouth !


Belt and give more power with your body !


Close your nose !


Don’t push from the throat !


Don’t do that please !


Imagine that…… OH stop… Enough Please !!




Most of you are singing since almost ten years… or more !

Ten years of whispering suffering. Ten years of hope to really find your place in the music industry.


Ten years of dreams non achieved.


Ten years that you convinced yourself that one day it will be great, amazing and beautiful, but I can tell you : it can only be worse.


Because during your every day’s fight with yourself, your voice is on the decline.


And if you sing again and again on a voice which is :


  • not prepared correctly
  • suffers in silence
  • Has tension
  • Uncontrolled distortion
  • Not Correctly Hooked




And you feel nothing just because you’ve got the bad habits to sing on a painful voice.


I can announce you that you’ll go in the same way of the Adele’s voice in 2011, and again in 2017 : your vocal cords will be bloody.


The vocal cords hemorrhage means that you have to stop all your life, go to the bloc, pray, cry a lot, don’t speak during a very long time, and pray again that the operation is working and not damage your voice for your entire life.


And if you don’t understand WHY this is happened to you, it will be worse years after years.



Yes you read the good line, if Adele doesn’t really understand why she has this recurrent problem, she will have a huge problem with his voice again and again to the final horrible point : her voice will scream stop for the life. And no more sound will be out of her mouth




But it’s not that I wish for her, and for you. Really. And I have already lived a total break of the voice.


And nobody could help me.


I go to a lot of voice specialists, vocal coaches, body specialists, phoniatrists : Nobody can help me.


Nobody really deeply understand what I had.


Nobody can understand my voice.


Nobody sees me and listen to me.


Everybody seems lost on my case.




That leads me to observe a lot of people, a lot of singers, leaders.


That leads me to learn and discover an incalculable number of methods, do a lot of test on different people, singers, speakers, vocal coaches.


That leads me to analyze all the stories, experience, vocal mental and body technics of the people.


To evitate to yourself who read this page, to live this terrible experience and give you the chance to begin a real life aligned with your amazing and precious voice.




This solution gives you the occasion to :




  • Retake your power
  • Have a more than just a powerful voice
  • Have a Tailored method to find and develop your voice in the low, middle and high vocal ranges
  • Have a stable and in tune voice
  • Have an voice aligned with yourself, your soul, your inner child and your dreams.
  • Have the best vocal mental and body technics to develop your voice
  • Have the unique method in the world which gives you the direct line between your voice problem and your life problems
  • Progress more in just 15 min that in one years of singing lessons.
  • Give you the keys to understand who you really are and what you really want in your life
  • Give you the keys to discover the melody of your own body
  • Give you the real secrets to sing better than a professionnal singer
  • Give you the secrets to have an healthy, beautiful and impactful voice effortlessness
  • Give you new ears to better sing and analyze your songs and the others singers
  • Give you all the keys to handle you voice in every areas in your life
  • Give you the secrets to be no more stress in front of people during your representation
  • Give you your real a voice with no fake filter




You want to be in tune, but are you in tune with yourself ?




You and me know that the answer is not (for the moment).


But remember one thing : if you have a voice, you are a superstar !




Let me show you why this Hook your voice formation will change your life :






Coaching, formations, lesson,

with others coachese or teachers

Hook Your Voice

Programm with Geraldine Marchal

Give you vocals technics which are working on them

Create, remove, recreate, invent and adapt their methods to each client they have 

Can change your voice and your life in only 15 min 

Know all the real keys and secrets concerning the needs of your voice

Can help you to create and understand the link between your voice, your body and your mental  

Can combine and use all the methods that you need to give you a new powerful and healthy voice 

Reduce your vocal potential and use almost only the vocalizes as an indispensable tool

Give you all the secrets keys to really hook your voice like the best singers in the world 

Give you the secrets to support and love yourself in every areas of your life 

Give you the secrets to begin to free your voice and your life together 

Give you the secrets to really sing everything you want without to be constrain to change the pitch of the song 

Give you a voice to become the Leader of your life and have more impact thanks to the power of your new voice 


Price of the formation 

10 years and $52000 Only $2222



 WHAT is the content of this HOOK YOUR VOICE Formation ?




It’s an intimate coaching between you and me.




MODULE 1 : Why I have some problems with my voice ? Why working a lot my voice doesn’t work (even after 10 years of singing)


The Life and your voice are linked. If you have some problems in your life, you have some problems in your voice. And you can do a lot of trafic to hide your life’s issues and voice’s problems, one day, they will go out and it can be terrible and irreversible.


So with this module, you learn how to retake your power and the losing parts of your voice.




MODULE 2 : And if your relations had a influence in your voice and your dreams to sing higher, better and maybe live thanks to your vocal talent.


What type of decision could you take ?


What type of reaction on yourself could you definitely change ?


In this module you take radical decision to change your life and hook your voice in the right way for yourself (and not for the others !)




MODULE 3 : Every day you’re feel a little stressed or more ?


Every day you doing something that’s not really good and healthy for your body and your mind but you do and hope that the time will be good with you and help you to change things ?


You and me know that you’re in the wrong way !


You and me know that it’s totally false !


You and me know that it’s hurt a lot your voice because if you want to finding your voice, you can’t beat yourself anymore !




But I’m here to help you and your voice to be aligned with yourself and your soul.


And this module leads you to a perfect and powerful voice without your hoarseness that you have decided to inflict to your voice and yourself.


It’s time to really take care of you as you never do before !




MODULE 4 : This final module is explosiv !!


It’s the final point to your « die » and the beginning of your real and beautiful life !!!


The mask is going !! Good joooob !!! You can sing like a pro !!! You are a pro, and you can go on stage without no fear at all !!!


You can go in stage with your real voice, with your entire power !!


You can be proud to be yourself, like… Really !


You know yourself, you don’t care about the judgement because you love your voice. You are in love of your new sound and you can here the melody of your body.


No more vocal suffer, you are cool with your mental and aligned with your entire body.


Stunning ! Isn’t it ?




But it’s not finish !!!




BONUS Number 1 :


Join the Mindvocal community by Geraldine Marchal on Facebook.


It’s only available for the people who have decided to change and retake their power like you.


You will have a lot of unique gifts or evenement propositions reserved for the VIP of Mindvocal like you.




BONUS Number 2 :


How I have attract my love and break my bad patterns of love.




BONUS Number 3 :


A model of my personnal wishlist to attract what you really want in your life (relations, business, concerts, money and more)




BONUS Number 4 :


Analyze of the technic of beyonce




BONUS Number 3 :


Analyze of the technic of Ariana Grande





BONUS Number 4 :

Analyze of the technic of Sam smith




BONUS Number 5 :

Analyze of the technic of Jacob Banks









Can I take this formation if I am a beginner or a professionnal ?




This formation is for all the levels.


From Beginners to the professionnals, because even Olivia Rodrigo, Adele or Justin Bieber have to work on their hooks.


Sometimes I can ear that the voice is not clear because they haven’t enough conscious about themselves.


So everybody has something to learn from this video’s formation and if you want to be a conscious singer, clink on the link and take this power, it’s the right decision for yourself.




If I haven’t the time to work my voice every day, this formation could be good for me ?




Of course, it’s the perfect formation for you because with this revolutionary method, just 15 min of work can totally change and make grow up quickly your voice (and never go back !), thanks to the conscience that you could develop with yourself.




Can I sing high and loud with this formation ?




Of course ! Hook your voice open the doors of the everything way.


It’s time to enjoy your moment and your evolution.




Why the price is not higher ?



It’s only 2222$ because your voice is priceless for me, and it’s very important that everybody can invest on himself and give him more abundance, chance, evolution, tailored technics, power and positiv manifestation thanks to his own voice everyday of his life.








If you aren’t happy and you don’t have progressed with this formation, I return your abundance, no justification needs,


You have 14 days before to decide to return in the past,


so take your time with yourself and enjoy your changement.